Thursday, November 14, 2013

List [Updated 4/23/14]

I decided to make a list of the people I've slept with including a bit of detail on each.
I know, I'm a slut. I just turned 24 and this is a lot of people. Notice a lot more came after my husband than before. I just needed to have a list somewhere so I wouldn't keep losing track of my number.
Wow, 20. That's a lot. :/
---Updates from 4/23 in Red---

1) P.R. - First serious boyfriend; first almost everything; dated on and off for 3-ish years
2) P.S. - Boyfriend; dated 3 months; had sex 1 time; first person to go down on me (also 1 time); virgin
3) T.M. - Boyfriend; dated 3-ish months
4) J.B. - Boyfriend; dated a little over a year; first anal
5) J.C. - Boyfriend; dated about 1.5 years; virgin
6) D.H. - Alcohol; dating Jerith first time; dated for like 2 weeks; hated him
7) S.C. - Not boyfriend first time; married later; divorced; terrible decision; awesome sex (while it lasted)
8) R.T. - Not boyfriend; messed around for a month or so with no real commitment
9) T.N. - Alcohol; was married*; lived in Virginia and just happened the few times he was in AL or the once I was in Va.
10) M.F. - Alcohol; was married* (sep); paid me the first time (I really needed to buy diapers); saw each other for several months regularly then it tapered off to a booty call every once in a while and ended finally about a year ago when he got a girlfriend; one last occurence 10/13 when I was contacted about a MMF threesome for his friend's birthday.
11) Z.R. - Alcohol; was married* (sep); only true one night stand; met in bar and took home; never saw again after next day
12) J.A. - Alcohol; was married*; yuck, bad decision I made a few times because of my loneliness and need for affection
13) S.D. - Alcohol; was married*; one time; bad decision
14) B.H. - Alcohol; was married*; once again, bad decisions; made me feel good for a while; let me live in his house while he was in NY
15) B.K. - Married* (sep); Tried dating for a short while; mostly FWB status; couldn't do FWB thing after a while plus he had a drug problem
16) T.M. - Alcohol; Married* (sep); ONE TIME and it was horrendous so it shouldn't even count; bad bad decision (notice a pattern here?)
17) J.J. - Boyfriend (in secret) for about 3 months; moved to MS; still in contact; ended all contact as of 2/14
18) J.C. - Alcohol; FWB-ish for a few months; too old
19) B.H. - Alcohol; Other person in threesome prev. mentioned with M.F.; several times the one night and that's it; still kind of in contact; only FB friends now
20) J.M. - Stupid decision I made 11/13/13; seemed like a good idea at the time. I guess it turned out that this was in fact a good idea. Maybe I shouldn't have done it so soon, but it worked out.
21) T.B. - Alcohol; I guess this qualifies as a one night stand although I saw him for about two days beforehand. I was in a relationship and he was married. One time.

*All that say I was married occured after I found out Steven cheated on me.
-If alcohol is listed, it means that at least the first occurence was the result of me being drunk, although possibly more or all were.

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